Dance @ Shine Headquarters!

Fitness should be fun! It should feel like an escape or like recess felt as a kid. Our classes are always fresh so you never get bored and the instructors make you feel welcome no matter your experience level. We’d love to have you stop by if just passing through town or join us on a regular basis if local. Drop-ins are always welcome.


Classes are a full 1-hour. Each class has its own playlist so they are unique but also carryover songs from prior classes to provide consistency. Each playlist has about 16 current and popular hip-hop, rock, and pop songs. The choreography is original and will not be found anywhere else. We always attempt to provide you with non-offensive class music, however recognize that even ‘clean’ songs may still contain suggestive lyrics. Our goal is to provide classes for everyone of any ability.  We provide a supportive and fun environment plus a kick-butt workout!

SHiNE Connect is a private group page on Facebook used to help the local HQ students share our experiences and stay connected. Just ask to join the ‘Pink Unicorn’ facebook group.

Yes, we try to provide these discounts once or twice a year. However, these are typically limited to new students only.  For the best deal, our Monthly Unlimited plan is best.

Yes, punch cards are only valid for up to 12-months after their purchase date.

Absolutely not to both. Our classes comes in all shapes, sizes, and ages. We encourage everyone to come as you are. There are no expectations or comparisons. Everyone is here to encourage and get better together.

There is no required outfit. Be comfortable, but wear something that is light and moves freely. You can expect to sweat! Shoes are optional, but recommended.

You are dancing at SHiNE HQ where all of our online streamed classes originate. We record about 20% of our classes for Online Members. These videos are not available to anyone other than fellow students that subscribe. We also occasionally record individual routines that get posted to YouTube. These videos are a lot of fun but are done separately from normal classes and only include those wanting to participate.  Online members are really just focused on the instructor and not the other students, the same as you!