Jenny – Oklahoma

I love SHiNE Online classes because it’s a killer workout that’s FUN to do. Nothing else has increased my confidence more…and my kids are actually impressed with my dance moves now!

Dana – Virginia

I LOVE SHiNE Online classes because it’s so easy to squeeze in a fun, sweaty workout while my daughter is napping. Sometimes she even joins in my arms! If I don’t get to finish, I just pick back up when I can. So much fun!

Kayla – Utah

I’ve never met the SHiNE Online Instructors in person, but I feel like we’re besties every time I’m SHiNING!

Jenny – West Virginia

I’ve lost 25 pounds this year doing SHiNE! This is the first exercise routine I’ve been consistent with! I love how each class is different and fun.

Tara – Texas

I love SHiNE because I’m never bored and I think learning new routines every month is more fun and a better workout. The moves make me feel feisty and sexy. I have moves on the dance floor that BLOW my husband away!