2022 Archive Classes

Below you can find our archived classes. The Type column lists the type of class: SHiNE, SHiNE + EXPRESS, SHiNE + SCULPT, or SHiNE + RESTORE. Click on the Playlist image to enlarge. Click on the class Title to open the class video in a new browser tab and to Post comments or Love. For SHiNE + EXPRESS and SHiNE + SCULPT classes this tab will also contain a 30-min express version. The Tag Filter provides some additional filtering options. Use the Search box to find specific class titles, dates, or instructors. Clicking on the Column Headers will sort classes by that column. SHiNE maintains 3-years (current + last two) of archive classes, so be sure to mark older classes you Love as a Favorite. Your Favorites will be maintained for all years.


3/19/2022 – We’ve removed the individual videos from this page in order to improve page loading performance.  Clicking on the class Title will take you to the class.

Note: 2019 Archives will be going away on 4/15/2022.

Title TypeInstructorLengthDate AddedLove Count Playlisthf:tags
Fresh Vs. ThrowbackSHiNEJillian58:022022/03/221521-hour
Shineanigans LiveSHiNEKendall1:02:082022/03/181101-hour holiday
Double DoseSHiNE + EXPRESSKara35:52/58:442022/03/111321-hour 30-min
Brain BreakSHiNE + EXPRESSCathy32:38/58:052022/03/041261-hour 30-min
Shine BlastSHiNEKara1:01:412022/03/011621-hour
Fight Like MelSHiNEKendall1:14:322022/02/251761-hour
Tick Tick ShineSHiNEKendall1:01:502022/02/222291-hour
Dance BlissSHiNE + RESTOREJillian59:392022/02/181131-hour
Head To ToneSHiNE + SCULPTCathy32:33/59:032022/02/151101-hour 30-min
New AttitudeSHiNE + EXPRESSJillian34:30/55:112022/02/111371-hour 30-min
In The Love ZoneSHiNEKendall1:00:492022/02/081551-hour holiday
My Best CheerleaderSHiNE + EXPRESSCathy33:12/58:172022/02/041391-hour 30-min
No Luggage HereSHiNEKendall58:462022/02/011991-hour
How Many Jacks?SHiNEKendall58:522022/01/251991-hour
When In Doubt Work It OutSHiNE + EXPRESSKara36:30/58:542022/01/211731-hour 30-min
Share Our EnergySHiNE + EXPRESSKendall36:12/59:232022/01/182231-hour 30-min
Sculpt-a-thonSHiNE + SCULPTCathy34:06/1:00:032022/01/141361-hour 30-min
New Year New GoalsSHiNEJillian54:182022/01/111531-hour
MeasuredSHiNE + EXPRESSKendall45:32/1:07:302022/01/073011-hour 30-min
Casting CallSHiNEKara1:01:142022/01/041381-hour