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Are you ready to SHiNE™? Whether you are looking to start your own class as an independent SHiNE™ Instructor or teach at a group fitness facility, this training will prepare you to SHiNE™ like a pro. The SHiNE™ Certification Training is available online or we also offer LIVE training’s, but not as regularly. The online training is very thorough and interactive despite the distance between us. The instructors that have completed the training felt prepared to teach a SHiNE class the same week they became certified. Please let us know if you have further questions. We look forward to meeting you!

You may ask, “What are the benefits of becoming an official SHiNE™ Instructor”? Some of the key benefits include:

  • Limited License to teach and advertise SHiNE™ classes.
  • Access to our official Tutorial Library with exclusive Choreography Notes.
  • Access to our official marketing materials.
  • Inclusion on our website Class Finder tool.
  • Participation in our private Facebook Group just for Instructors.
  • Monthly Instructor calls with the SHiNE Creator.
  • Access to promo priced swag​.

Students love SHiNE™ because:

  • SHiNE™ is rooted in traditional dance so students with dance, cheer, or drill-team experience find the moves familiar and it takes them back to those glory days. Students without this experience finally get their opportunity.
  • Music is current and likely in their favorite playlists. Choreography is not too technical so they can burn more calories.
  • Average calories burned is between 700-900! (Some students wear monitors to prove it)
  • Students know what to expect. SHiNE™ classes are consistent from one instructor to another. Playlists vary, but the routines are taught the same from one instructor to the next, always beginning class with the signature SHINE™ warm up.
  • Students feel secure and free because they are in a judgement free zone no matter their ability, age, or size.

Instructors love SHiNE™ because:

  • Choreography is all original.
  • Choreography is created and made available to the most current hits so students can enjoy them while the song is “hot”.
  • SHiNE™ classes appeal to a large demographic, leading to large class sizes.
  • SHiNE™ has 100+ active routines to choose from.
  • Instructor Tutorial videos are easy to follow and learn.
  • Class format is consistent making it easy to finding a teacher subs.
  • The community of SHiNE™ Instructors and trainers are always available and supportive.
  • Instructors feel like they are part of something special, giving people opportunity to SHiNE™!
  • SHiNE™ is a provider for AFAA and Instructors receive 10 CEU’s when they attend a live or 11 CEU’s online training.
  • SHiNE™ is a provider for ACE and Instructors receive 0.7 CEC’s when they attend a live training.

Group Fitness Directors Love SHiNE™ because:

  • Members love it!
  • The program is consistent so members know what to expect from class to class.
  • There is no cost to the Gym. Instructors pay a monthly membership fee to be a licensed SHiNE™ Instructor.
  • SHiNE™ Instructors are well prepared and trained to provide a safe and effective high-energy class.
  • The format is fresh and adds new life to the group fitness schedule.
  • Did I say members love it and Instructors love to teach it?

Monthly and Yearly Payment Terms

  • Billing is immediate and will automatic reoccur until cancelled.
  • The year-to-year membership plan provides for an approximate 15% discount over the month-to-month plan!
  • Reoccurring charges will be processed on the same date as your original payment.
  • Cancellations are not prorated or refunded.
  • Instructor memberships cancelled for more than a year may require Instructor re-Certification.


  • When creating an account on the website for the first time, our website will automatically send you an email with an assigned password within 10-minutes. Please check your spam folder if you do not see it.
  • As an active SHiNE™ Instructor you will automatically be added to our newsletter email list. You can choose to unsubscribe from this email list at any time.
  • For each billing cycle, SHiNE™ will automatically send you a receipt with each payment.
  • SHiNE™ does not sell or share your account or email address with 3rd parties.

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